Sellers Guide

Making the selling process easy.

How to get started.

Whether you are a private homeowner or speculative developer, the process of selling a home in the Hamptons can be complicated and emotional. Put your trust in an agent who is comfortable with local land use and understands the nuances of our East End market. I’ll help you through the process, from pricing appropriately and staging to getting the highest price for your home at the closing.

Phase I

First Impressions - Prepare Ahead  

  • LEARN the market in your area. Your home will be competition to these other homes so take notes on what buyers want to see in your price point.

  • LOOK around your home. How can you improve the curb appeal and overall sell ability of yours.

    • Organize all your closets and cabinets, yes people look in there.

    • Freshly paint rooms or touch up scuff marks that are noticeable on walls, moldings, stairs etc.

    • Updating tile backsplash or bathroom vanities and fixtures are inexpensive projects that might prove beneficial to raising the value of your home.

    • Clean out fireplaces, gutters, replace burnt light bulbs, have windows washed inside and out.

    • LOOK carefully around the outside of your home. Trim broken branches, remove/replace dead plants, plant in planters as you would if you were not selling, wash decks, check that railings are sturdy, tidy up flowerbeds.

  • Are you READY now? Call me at 631.871.6104 to discuss the potential value of your home.

Get Ready to List

  • Pricing a property is part experience and in depth knowledge of the market research, and part gut instincts.  Remember that other agents will know if your agent overpriced your home to win you over.

  • An underpriced home might get several offers immediately and can create a bidding war. The market tells all.

  • Leave only little room for a healthy negotiation as everyone prefers a good deal than the feeling that they are being forced to compete with other buyers for their dream property.

  • Do you need to update your survey? Have you made any significant (or small) changes to structures, clearing, fencing, landscaping, patios, decks?

  • Do you need to update your Certificate of Occupancy? You local Town or Village building inspector can advise to make sure your home is in compliance with local codes. This can hold up a deal at the very end or kill a deal so best to get it out of the way in advance.

  • Hire a home inspector before you list to give you a checklist of issues that might come up after you have a deal. Fix anything that might hold up your sale or devalue your home.

  • Have your home appraised. This will not be the actual value but can give you comfort when you list, that a potential lender will see a similar value. Also can be very useful as a negotiating tool.

  • Being prepared, educated and realistic is the key to success!

Exclusive / Co-Exclusive vs Open Listing

  • In an Exclusive Agreement you get 100% full commitment from your Broker, Agent or Team. Everything from marketing, showing and negotiation is done through the one or a team of  trusted professionals. Their fiduciary responsibility is to you as Seller above all else. Your agent will be there through to your closing and will advise for your best interests at every step.

  • In a Co-Exclusive Agreement two Brokerages will both have the same responsibility to you as Seller.  The commission will be split as they determine between them, so their chances of earning the same is diminished. While it does bring forth healthy competition between them it also provides an environment where one agent can do less than the other but still make out the same or more, by the luck of the draw. It is common when there is an allegiance to 2 agents equally to list in a Co-Exclusive.

  • In an Open Listing NO Agent or brokerage has any commitment to you as Seller, only a fiduciary responsibility to fair dealings. This might result in inaccurate information about your home, less than professional photography and no marketing. No one person is showing your home in its best light. You will be responsible for arranging all showings, all questions about your home local codes, zoning, neighborhood values, and all negotiating. Some people feel they are educated enough to preform all these roles of an experienced real estate professional. Most are not. The same, or similar amount of commission will be due to the brokerage that brings forth a buyer but as you did all the heavy work, they will have done much less to earn it.

Phase II

Going Live

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Let your agent guide you towards staging your home for a new potential buyer. Store away any personal items, awards, family pictures, tchotchkes.

  • MARKETING ASSETS: In an instant, your home is presented on a robust page on our website and app, within an array of national and global platforms, and to the country's fastest-growing agent-to-agent network, all to reach the ideal  luxury buyer.

  • SHOWINGS and OPEN HOUSES: Always remember that while you are still living there, your home is now going to be open to the public to come view. A complete stranger has to be able to imagine this is their new house. Be mindful of every detail and Keep It Clean and Tidy.

  • FEEDBACK: Expect regular updates on the showings. Listen to what your agent is telling you- this is what buyers and other agents are responding to.